Neo LN 2 Wheels

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Aluminium shopping trolley with 2 wheels. Ergonomic handle, foldable bottom base and front support. High-capacity bag, interior foldable frame and anti-rain flap. Classic or avant-garde. Can combine with any style !

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Rolser shopping trolley in aluminium with 2 wheels, to avoid unnecessary loads. Chassis with folding base to store in small spaces and front support . It will help you with any type of transfer of small loads. Perfect for carrying items to the laundrette, to the beach, shopping, fishing, to the gym, etc... It's"A-Class" that keeps up with the times without compromising the performance of an outstanding shopping trolley. JOY introduces itself with the most advanced technology and a fresh design to be one of our most compact chassis. JOY wants to be the companion of people like you: independent, urbanite ... It is made of the most practical and lightweight materials, the complements its minimalist design style and stand its ground against the greatest challenges of an outstanding shopping trolley. High-capacity bag and interior foldable frame.

Colors may differ slightly from reality and depend on the configuration of the device used. Prints may undergo design variations due to the cut pattern.
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