I-Max Tweed 6 Wheels Stair Climbers Foldable

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Aluminium shopping trolley with 6 wheels, ideal for climbing stairs effortlessly.Front support.Takes up minimal space when folded. Frame with piece for securing and protecting the bag Dual folding system.Piece which adapts to the supermarket trolley.High-capacity bag.Back pocket with zip-up closure.

6.75 lb

Rolser shopping trolley in folding aluminium with 6 wheels, to avoid unnecessary loads. Makes overcoming height easy: steps, pavements, etc. The Logic RD6 chassis has a dual folding system; forward for complete folding, and backwards when the bag is full to load into any car boot, without the handle getting in the order to carry out the second folding, the flap on the chassis must be detached. This chassis is fitted with an adaptable device for coupling to the supermarket trolley, to not have to leave it at the shop entrance. The wheels are easy to remove and replace so it can be stored in the car, small spaces, etc. The Logic RD6 has a frame to hold and protect the bag, front support and folding base. Perfect for carrying items to the the beach, shopping, fishing, to the gym, etc. The bag comes in backpack format, with double inside pocket, drawstring closure, eyelet on the flap, zippered back pocket and easily adapts to the chassis with a flap.

Colors may differ slightly from reality and depend on the configuration of the device used. Prints may undergo design variations due to the cut pattern.
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