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Rolser COM Tweed Black Tube 2 Big...

Rolser COM Tweed Black Tube 2 Big Wheel Shopping Trolley

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Welcome to the Future! The most advanced shopping trolley available on the market. New concept of ROLSER's shopping trolley. Aluminium shopping trolley with 2 wheels, and full black structure. High-capacity bag, two inside pockets and one back pocket. Can you imagine feeling the future in the palm of your hand ?

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Welcome to the future! 8 NEW GENERATION is whatever you want it to be. COM8 is a new concept of trolley, with state-of-the-art design, with full black structure, using the most innovative materials. Aluminium folding trolley, fitted with two large wheels, with a futuristic design, with its sight set on the future. It will help you with any type of transfer of small loads. Perfect for carrying items to the beach, shopping, to the gym, etc...The wheels are easy to remove and replace so it can be stored in small spaces. Large capacity bag with double inside pocket and zippered back pocket.

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